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  1. Hello flightsim community, I´m sitting here together with my cousin and he asked me, if I could ask on the forums, where you can get the SODE files for EDDE for P3D V4 from. That´s all for now. Thanks in advance and best regards, Jo and Dani
  2. I don´t need all the sand. I´d be happy if just the Terminal 1 pier would be removed. Cause it´ll never ever again look like it had been looking before.
  3. Hi Aerosoft Team, I have a question regarding the Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional. I´m aware you can switch off the europier building if you want. But: There is a completely differen situation now. The Europier does not exist anymore, but there is sand now. No taxiway. I know you´ll soon be able to taxi through, but when and will we have sand at EGLL by Aerosoft? Plus: Not only the Europier has been torn down but also the Terminal 1 piers. So there are no positions left and the Terminal 1 Apron consists of sand as well. So in the west of taxiway Kilo talking about th
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