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  1. rzlpfrmpf

    Current Europier Situation at EGLL

    I don´t need all the sand. I´d be happy if just the Terminal 1 pier would be removed. Cause it´ll never ever again look like it had been looking before.
  2. Hi Aerosoft Team, I have a question regarding the Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional. I´m aware you can switch off the europier building if you want. But: There is a completely differen situation now. The Europier does not exist anymore, but there is sand now. No taxiway. I know you´ll soon be able to taxi through, but when and will we have sand at EGLL by Aerosoft? Plus: Not only the Europier has been torn down but also the Terminal 1 piers. So there are no positions left and the Terminal 1 Apron consists of sand as well. So in the west of taxiway Kilo talking about the part which is in the north of the position, the europier was located, is sand only. And there are some remote positions now: 209R, 209, 209L as well as 210R, 210 and 210L And that´s the point. I think everybody would be happy to have the present real life situation available in sim as well cause the Terminal 1 Apron does simply not exist anymore at least the major part of it.
  3. rzlpfrmpf

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    One question on that, I couldn´t find using the search function: You´ve released the A320 professional series without the connected flightdeck system to make sure you can release the Airbusses now, continue work on the CFD and implement it afterwards. Will you also do the same with the A330, so release first with the CFD to be implemented in a future update, or will you wait with releasing the A330 until CFD is ready for it and implemented?