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  1. This was certainly not the issue. Reinstalled the scenery again, did nothing else after that and now I got it to work. SODE Jetways work and the airport itself works as well. Thanks for taking time, Kind regards, Daniel
  2. Affirmative, ORBX Global is installed. Configurator telling me "If you have 'ORBX FTX Germany South' installed select one of the 'FTX' options." This one is not installed (I don´t even own it so my setting is at Default/High. I can of course check what the situation looks like with FTX option switched on. Will report back in a second. However, apart from that, no matter that we are on the AS forums here, could we refrain from calling others´ products "stuff" please? EDIT: FTX option does NOT change the situation, gonna check verify files button in ORBX Central now.
  3. Did that reinstall and well... I think, I´m going to cry now... Obviously this was a full reinstall, looked for every Cologne folder to be removed, switched off any protection software, ran the setup as an administrator...
  4. There is no entry for the airport in the addon.cfg. I did NOT add the Airport by using scenery.cfg because I know about the add-on.xml method. This one is on my D drive, simulator is also installed there but the scenery itself is outside of the simulator folder. Looking like that: D:\P3D5 Addons\Cologne-Bonn Professional - P3Dv5
  5. Tried it out with the full path, no success, tried it out with only SImObjects like in Bob´s picture, still no success... unfortunately.
  6. Correct xml is in SODE folder add-on.xml is like starting with Scenery, then Texture, Scripts, Effects and then SimObjects. for path in SimObjects there is not written "SimObjects" just like shown in your picture. I changed the path to the corresponding path now, where the models are installed. (Cologne-Bonn Professional - P3Dv5 -> SimObjects -> EDDK_Jetways). Maybe this was the issue? I´m gonna check right away once I have landed.
  7. SODE folder looks like this, yes, activated in the configuratos, yes. I also had that black window with some bunch of programming text or whatever that is running through when saving changes for SODE jetways.
  8. Affirmative. Köln/Bonn professional P3DV4-5/P3DV5 (102,8 KB) This one should be the correct one. Where are these even saved? From other sceneries, which store SODE files in the 12bpilot folder, I know that there are folders named "model.XXX" I can´t find such folders anywhere in the download from the AS SODE Website.
  9. Hello all, I´m experiencing a problem with the SODE jetways in P3D V5 Aerosoft Cologne/Bonn Airport by @Jo Erlend. In particular, I have the SODE jetways installed, basically the way described in the SODE download manual coming with the files for the configurator. I´m on the latest EDDK version and therefore, I downloaded the latest SODE files for V1.0.9(.0). Put it into EDDK scenery folder-> Configuration Tool -> Library. Contained in the SODE package were two folders (SODEScenery which contains further two folders called STATIC_AC_1 and STATIC_AC_2, each containing a .bgl file; XML containing two folders with exactly the same name as before and each of them contains one xml file) and one .cfg file called EDDK_Config_SODE (however this one is empty). Before installing the new jetways, I did a complete unistall of the jetways via the option in the configurator and then put the new SODE files but removed any further file which was in the SODE folder before putting the new ones in. Then activated the SODE jetways via the configurator again. This is what gives me the red crosses at every jetway position now. Further information: In my 12bpilot -> SODE ->SimObjects folder I can´t find any EDDK folder, however in SODE -> xml I can find "aerosoft_EDDK_SODE_Jetways.xml" Hope you can help me with that information given. All the best and heva a great day all. Daniel EDIT: Version of EDDK is installed according to Aerosoft updater, however, no matter where I look, I can only find SODE jetways for V. Aerosoft Shop still stated current EDDK version is V1.0.9.0. There must be some kind of pretty strange problem at some point.
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