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  1. Normally I always used vpilot when flying with p3d for years and I had no problems.Now when I switch to x plane, I have to use xpilot to be online on Vatsim.in general, exactly the same program, but I don't understand why this flight plan format is different
  2. Unfortunately i tried but it only accepts vfp format.
  3. First of all thank you for your reply. I am adding a picture to explain my problem better.As you said, when I select Squawkbox3, export format is sfp.Format accepted by Xpilot is only vfp.You can see the details in the pictures I added
  4. Hello to everyone, I want to load my flights route to the Xpilot via pfpf. But as far as I understand Xpilot only supports .vfp format.Is there a way to get a vpf route file from PFPX ? I would appreciate if anyone using pfpx helps Thanks alot and safe flights.
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