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  1. I would be interested in that, for sure, Mathijas. Surely there is someone in Central Oklahoma, USA, who uses some sort of flight simulation at home.
  2. Thanks. I'm mighty short of "fun" funds, so any financial shortcuts are appreciated. I've a lot to learn, but I need to go slow because of the finances.
  3. It sounds as if you do. Some forums tend to put down new members because of their lack of knowledge. That put-down is a real insult. I appreciate a group that accepts new members as a new "place" to deposit their knowledge. Sites like that have helped me a lot over the years. Thanks again.
  4. Sorry, Dave, I didn't see a place to enter that information in my profile like on other forum sites. I live in Central Oklahoma, USA, if that helps anyone.
  5. Okay, thanks. Much appreciated, Dave. I was really just hoping to be invited to sit at a console and test fly something to see if it's really something I'd like to get into. And it would be more fun to do that in person with an experienced "flyer". Just a thought on my part.
  6. What would be the best way to connect with users of flight simulation in my area? I'd like to personally meet with someone and maybe have an opportunity to see a flight simulation setup in person.
  7. Yes, I mean controllers. (see, I'm so new to this I don't even know "terms" yet.) Thanks for the suggestion, Mathijs.
  8. Thanks, Emanuel. Your input is much appreciated. A little history: I had the opportunity to ride in a fixed wing glider back in 1976 above the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. It really caught my imagination. In 2008 I earned my Paraglider Pilot's license. At the time, I was 63 years old. 6 years of flying and a couple of at-launch accidents made me realize at 69 years old I was quickly approaching an age when walking off a mountain and sitting in a chair under a flexible cloth canopy at 3,000 ft AGL was not something I wanted to risk any more. But as they say, "once you've flown with the birds, your eyes will always seek and yearn for the sky". I miss flying.............just don't miss the risk. I know I'll never be able to afford to pay for a glider pilots license and be able to fly my own, or even afford to join a club. So the next best thing for a 73 year old Phart is simulated flying...............or at least that's my thought on the subject. This is why I'm considering getting into this. I can't seem to quit watching Youtube videos of glider flights. But I'm on a pretty low fixed income and not quite sure I can afford even the figures I'm seeing for the program and hardware. Is there a decent market in used hardware?
  9. Thanks for the quick response, Patrick. Usually a "first post" sits idle for a couple of days leaving the poster in limbo. The program I mentioned was the first one I was made aware of, and just assumed it was new............probably because it was new to me. Have not heard of the World of Aircraft-Glider Simulator before. Are there any promo videos of it yet? Thanks for the recommendations on the yoke and pedals. I'll check into them to see if they are something I can afford.
  10. I have just recently been made aware of flight simulation programs. I'm interested in the ASK21 glider simulation from Aerosoft. I've checked my OS and it's plenty fine to run the program. But I'm of the opinion working from my keyboard and mouse is NOT the way to approach this hobby if realism is my goal...........which it is. I'm sure the controls, joystick and rudder pedals in this case, are not nearly as complex or expensive as they would be for say a 737 airliner. But I have no earthly idea what kind of controls to look at to even see if I can afford them. Anyone willing to "tuck me under their wing" (pun intended) and help me get started???
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