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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the information. That folder was not present, and so I copied them from the distribution archive to FSX and ran a quick test and all seems to be working just fine now. Thanks very much for taking the time to help me solve this problem, and I look forward to using the program to enhance my soaring adventures. Ken
  2. Hi Peter. I'm running the 64 bit version of Vista, and UAC is active. Ken
  3. I have installed CumulusX! as recommended, installing SP1 and SP2 and also the Acceleration pack. I followed the instructions carefully and didn't seem to have any problems during the install. However, once I run FSX and connect CumulusX1 and click the "Enable Lift" button, the aircraft I'm flying crashes into the ground at a different point from where it initially was located. Could someone please help me understand what might be the problem and suggest a fix I might try? Thanks, Ken
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