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  1. i finaly got the movies.dll file working the cause was it was re-directed to another folder but now there is a new problem when I start the game up it crashes,but there is a message that comes with the crash "CITY BUS SIMULATOR HAS STOPPED WORKING A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" but it doesn't notify is there like a patch to make it work if anybody had this problem and the solution please tell me
  2. this game is taking the ###### i cant get it working i have downloaded so many versions of directx and quicktime and it just wont freaking work now my laptop is slow just for this game its ticking me right off and the worst thing of all i wasted my money
  3. i know that i need a newer version of directX9.0c and quicktime player so if you have city bus simulator that work can you reply to this topic saying what version of DirectX and quicktime player so i can downoad it and finaly play cbs 2010 Joe(aka yoz)
  4. I just got the game and strait after it installs it says you need directx9.0 and a newer version of quickplayer i started the game up and it say actsactly says "This application has failed to start because Movies.dll was not found.Re-installing the application may fix this problem." so i immediately went to apple.com and microsoft.com to download and install the latest versions(I already had quickplayer installed but not the newer version) I installed directx and quickplayer and re-installed city bus simulator 2010 and the samething happened i tried it once more and it just would not work. so please can you give me some tips of how to get it starting to work Yoz (yoz is not my real name its joe)
  5. Is city bus simulator 2010 going to sold in shops. What game retailers are going to be selling cbs 2010 I live in the uk so i cant buy buy this game of the internet because you have to pay in euros so im realy hoping that you can buy cbs at local retailers
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