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  1. Hi Anton, I have the latest versions of all drivers and software. I have DirectX 11 which comes with Windows 7.
  2. Whenever I try to start free roam or mission or campaign the loading screen comes up then C4 engine stops responding and it comes up saying Windows needs to close the program. The same thing happens for me with both Vista and Windows 7. If I select the tutorial campaign, that does work fine. After I completed the tutorial I tried chapter 1 which hadn't worked before and that time it worked fine. The next day I came back and tried chapter 2, which crashed. So I tried chapter 1 again which had worked previously, and it crashed. I then did the tutorial again which worked, then chapter 1 again, then after that I was able to do chapter 2. During chapter 2 I got blue screen with Windows stop error so had to restart the computer. Now I'm back to same problem, can't do anything except the tutorial. Am I gonna have to do go through the tutorial and all the chapters every time I want to use this game? And what about missions & free play? They are not working at all. I emailed about this last week but have still not had any response. Anyone have any ideas please? I have high spec Alienware system and I have no problems with any other games.
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