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  1. And reinstalling worked. I'm getting ~35 FPS now, which isn't great (especially with FlyInside VR) but it's serviceable. I may fiddle my settings to try to get a smoother experience in VR, but it works! I wish I could offer a more satisfying or concrete solution than "cross your fingers and try again". (Speculation: This is a new machine I'm setting up, and I hadn't launched P3D at all when I tried to install the Airbus. Maybe P3D hadn't set up some registry entries and so on, on its first run?)
  2. Reading other threads, I tried removing the RealLight and TrueGlass folders (separately and both) from the Airplanes/Aerosoft A319 CFM Professional folder. Alas, no change. I'm trying a reinstall of P3D and all the rest.
  3. So I deleted ShadersHLSL in my main install directory. Then I realized that was the wrong thing, restored it, and deleted the %appdata%/Local/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3d v4/shaders directory instead. Running as administrator I still get the log file warning. Neither change impacted my framerate, which is hovering around 3.5.
  4. I recently updated from v3 (no problems) to v4 and now I get very poor performance, to the tune of 2.5-3 FPS. Other aircraft get 60-80, so something is definitely wrong here. I get an error message "Could not create log file" on startup, and I might have mangled the install. The aircraft didn't show up initially, so I copied the SimObjects and Effects folders from the Airbus install location onto the P3Dv4 folder. Possibly that's a horrible hack and part of my trouble. Specs: i7 8700 3.2GHz, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1070 Ti
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