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  1. Solved! First, I removed absolutely everything related to flight simulators including all add-ins such as PMDG aircraft (no change, CRJ still didn't work), GSX and Chaseplane (no change), Aerosoft Frankfurt airport (no change). I checked to ensure I was running P3D v4.3.29.25520. It was. At this point every aircraft still worked fine except CRJ. So then I removed CRJ and P3D completely, cleaned up all P3D and CRJ directories and removed any remaining files related to anything to do with flight! Next, reinstalled P3D and CRJ from scratch. Loaded the P3D default scenario, loaded the cub. then loaded the CRJ. It ran fine. Also, saved this as a scenario and even if I start P3D with this scenario, it still runs fine. Not sure what was wrong before since everything else worked fine, but at least now CRJ works. Now I will also be reinstalling the other add-ons. Will let you know if anything causes a problem with CRJ. Many thanks, Rick
  2. Hi Hans, I start P3D v4.3 with a default scenario with one of the regular aircraft. Then I replace that aircraft with CRJ. Dave does not work. The 4 engine overhead switches are all yellow. Can't start the engines or make anything work at all. I removed all add ins from P3D including GSX and Chaseplane. Also made sure all P3D files were v4.3. They were. Tried several other aircraft and they all work perfectly. Also Aerosoft Frankfurt Professional works perfectly. At this point the only thing that does not work is CRJ. I have attached the files that I have now moved out of <My Documents>\Prepar3D v4 Files. Not sure what I should be doing. Please help! Rick Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial.crj Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial.fxml Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial.wx CRJ Tutorial Flight DUS-BSL.crj CRJ Tutorial Flight DUS-BSL.fxml CRJ Tutorial Flight DUS-BSL.wx
  3. Hi Hans, Further to my last email, I am now home. Here are the files you asked about. Rick
  4. HI Hans, Thanks for helping. I am not at home right now so can't answer your question on the file extensions. Will take a look tonight. On your other questions... Loading - I do load a default scenario first, then change the aircraft to CRJ. I have removed the GSX add-ons and this still didn't make any difference. I reinstalled CRJ twice now. Each time rebooting and doing the updates as well. No difference. While having the problems with CRJ, I then switched to several other aircraft including simple Maule and complex PMDG 747 and these work fine. So I know it's something related to CRJ. When I bring up the cockpit, it's not cold and dark, but the engines aren't running, fuel tabs are down (off). But if I press F4 the plane takes off. Extremely weird. Nothing shows on Dave or any of the CRTs unless I click on one of the CRTs first, then they come on with stacks of yellow messages. Overhead APU and Engine switches don't work. Hope this helps. Rick
  5. I have exactly the same problem. Dave does not work at all and the aircraft can't be started. Reinstalling doesn't help. Win 10 64 and P3D v4.3 I just bought this today. Feel really robbed. Need help quickly.
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