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  1. Honestly, I think this this more than the typical request and deserves its own thread. It is not just about CYVR, it is about the future of AES and FSDT. I will say that I may be less likely to buy CYVR if it doesn't get AES support. The area is already a slideshow for me with ORBX and I want moving jetways and I want the to move with the same interface that I have been using for several years. I know GSX will be offered for free at CYVR and I actually own GSX but I think AES is superior. GSX just nags you to death to open this, close this... I can't remember a time when I have taken off with my cargo doors open so I really don't need the constant reminders.

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  2. Oliver, if you don't already, you should sell AES compatibility based on the large amount of people that only buy add ons after AES compatibility.

    What I bought?







    Of course, I also bought another AES credit pack (#14 , I believe).

    Every one of these developers owes you a big thank you.

    I still have several airports on my wishlist and they will get my CC when AES is available. All airports have already been requested.

    And BTW, I do own GSX but I only consider it a backup for AES.

  3. I would really love to see the retract jetway function moved to last when you hit f6. Or, Oliver could separate it from the rest of the functions. I have not seen a situation where aircraft are refueling, cleaning, loading food or bags when the jet way is retracted. Always, the jetway is the last in the sequence. In AES, it is the first for some reason. While this is always slightly annoying, it is more of an issue with the QW757 and QPAS.

  4. It seems like a lot of FSX scenery has been released in the past couple months. I have already purchased scenery for MMUM and MMCZ that need AES. I am waiting on AES to purchase scenery for KMYR, VMMC, KSTL, VIDP and ZSAM.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing Oliver. I'm just pointing out how AES availability influences my purchase decisions and that a lot of stuff has been released.

    AND BTW, I do have GSX but if the airport has jetways, I need my AES.


    NAME: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

    TYPE: Payware

    FS: FSX

    DESIGNER: Pacific Islands Simulation


    AES 2.32



    NAME: Myrtle Beach Intl Airport

    TYPE: Payware

    FS: FSX

    DESIGNER: The Airport Guys


    No AES



    Kelowna International Airport

    TYPE: Payware

    FS: FSX



    AES 2.32

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  6. Hello, I am missing the moving portion of the Jetways at this airport:

    I had the original FSX version installed and activated for AES. I finally got around to installing the V2 update today. I Installed V2 and then I removed v1 from the scenery.cfg and the the scenery from the FS folder. Prior to activating in AES help, I checked out the airport to make sure it installed and that is when I noticed the jetways were missing. Thinking that they would appear after being activated on AES, I closed the sim and went to AES help only to find that it was already activated. I went back in to FSX and the jetways were still missing.

    I'm guessing that AES is confused. What do I need to do to fix this? I have not been able to find a similar error over at FSAddon. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.



  7. Keep the conversation going. This is what we needed a while ago. I'm not ditching AES for GSX but I am going to buy GSX. They do two different things IMHO. You guys must play nice and find a way for both products to coexist. The last thing we need is to reinvent the wheel every time a new product comes around. That was the beauty of AES - you didn't have to remember whether to use ctl-j, enter a frequency or some other stupid process to get the jetway moving. You set the parking brakes and it was done.

    This is what I am asking as a customer of both companies. I want to buy more AES credits AND I want to buy GSX.

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  8. The other thing AES should add is the ability to turn off some or all features on the fly so we can use both products together. I would assume Oliver is playing with GSX right now to figure this out.

    To the OP - AES next generation is on its way. AES already has updated vehicles.

  9. Thanks Mathijs.

    Yes, I understand the reason. I just know what I hear at AVSIM every time a Limesim product is discussed. BTW, Vegas is one of my other favorite places but I didn't buy the US Cities product until the night textures were released. Vegas, however, doesn't need seasonal textures. I am sure you are right with your opinion on price points but Detroit with night and seasonal textures - you would be shocked at what I would pay. I didn't post a price on Facebook because my wife would see it and beat me senseless.

    Anyway, as an urban planner working in the City of Detroit and a FS enthusiast, I am looking forward to installing this. While the seasonal/night textures are a negative, you still have my money with at least this US Cities product.

  10. I have a couple of the Limesim offerings but I have stopped buying them due to the lack of seasonal/night textures. I thought I would never buy one again but...

    THEY DID THE D. :clapping_s:

    I can clearly see the building where I work in the shot of Ford Field. I will buy this one without hesitation.

    I can't believe they actually did Detroit. No one ever does anything in Detroit and when they did, it is usually a half hearted effort that becomes an instant did upon release.

    And yes, I would pay more for 4 season and night textures. I'm not sure why Limesim thinks people won't. Not having these texture is the main reason people don't buy these products. For the most part, people are not going to buy every US Cities title - they are going to buy scenery for their hometown or their favorite vacation spot. People spend extra money fixing up their favorite areas. For me, I'll buy virtually anything released for Detroit or Cancun, MX. Not doing 4 seasons or night textures for Detroit is like leaving money on the table.

  11. I'll probably buy GSX but that doesn't mean I will stop buying AES credits. For the airports that AES can't get to, GSX will be a nice addition.

    There are two criticisms of AES that you see on the forums.

    1. It is not available at every airport. The answer to that is it would be impossible to deliver the customization provided by AES at every airport. I can't wait to see how GSX handles pushback out of tight spaces.

    2. AES animation and vehicles are outdated. The answer to this is simple - look at 2.20d.

    I have said it before - there is room for both products and I will probably use both. In fact, I may want to use elements of each program at the same airport. I hope Oliver and Umberto can work together to make sure that is doable.

  12. Hello,

    I usually do not wait for all the services to finish before departing. I typically hit F6.

    The problem I have is the jetway disconnects very early in the F6 process when it should be close to last. Maybe I am wrong but I feel like the catering and cleaning trucks should detach first, followed by the baggage loaders. Right now, the baggage loaders are last.

    Aside from being a personal issue with the order of things, this creates problems when using QPAS with the QW757. The safety announcements are triggered by the closing of the passenger door. If I have to close the passenger door before the baggage loaders have backed away, the safety briefing finishes way before push back. In reality, the safety briefing is usually happening during pushback.

    I know this a really picky but I thought I would throw it out there.


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