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  1. NO Discos. Flown this same flight plan many times with other buses in my hangar. Jar A320/330,A320 Ultimate(X-Plane), the original Airbus bundle(Aerosoft).
  2. KSEA/CYVR KSEA SID PAE STAR CYVR KSEA(34R)(SEATL5) CYVR(26L)(GRIZZ5) Wont follow the path past "PAE". At least not in the managed mode. Wont move on to the next waypoint in the flight plan. This same flight plan works fine in other BUSES I have. This is my first encounter with this problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I own 2 desktops. Nobody uses them but me. Can I install this aircraft on both computers? Thanks.
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