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  1. This may seem obvious but did you update your CRJ? I remember the cabin pressurization was a hot topic early this year that lead to a patch that I believe addressed it.
  2. Did you close/erase any discontinuities? In the past when I choose an approach or change arrivals while in the air, it will make a gap and get rid of the T/D.
  3. Hello, I've been using PFPX for all my airline OFPs and when it comes to fuel calculation and determining how much I need, it's on the spot with the NGX (for example), but with the CRJ I'm usually a few thousand pounds short. SimBrief is even worse, it tells me I need about half of what I really need for release. I usually start the APU as late as possible to save fuel, but no matter what I'm always below min. t/o fuel when I takeoff, and barley have enough when I land. Should I tweak a part of the profile, or what should I use to get realistic / reliable fuel numbers? Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys for the info. I'll try some more flights. I want to operate the AS CRJ as close to the real thing as possible since I will fly flying the real thing pretty soon here.
  5. Hello, So I've noticed lately that while in a SPD Hold climb (166knots), at around FL280, the aircraft stops climbing in an effort to accelerate to Mach .74. This of course disables me from crusing anywhere higher than FL280. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? The throttles are in the Climb detent.
  6. Hello forum, I absolutely love the CRJ, regionals in general, and I want to be able to fly it like a real operator. Are there any real CRJ pilots here that would be willing to step me through a full flight and explain all the procedures used in real life operations? I am reading through the manuals, but some real world interpretation would be amazing. Also through my college program, in a few years I will graduate with a CRJ rating but I want to start now. Thanks!
  7. I did fly with real weather, and it probably was that since I was in the mountains. I'll do more flights and see what happens.
  8. Hello! Love the CRJ so far, and SP1 was a godsend. But I did notice something unusual that is new. While on autopilot (nav following FMS 1) the plane will make small banks constantly or rock, making over corrections. This happens when coming close to waypoints or when entering a part of a SID that has lots of turns (in the mountains). It's nothing aircraft breaking, just a weird thing I noticed. I'm mid route and it's leveled itself out. This came after SP1. Thanks!
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