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    Problem with company route editor

    unfortunately it didn't let me to copy text from error log its just paste link to some file on my C partition, weird
  2. Fireknackers

    Problem with company route editor

    Hi, in general plane works fine but only finding problems with co. Rte editor, exactly when starting application I'm getting NET framework error but can continue, and when putting all values for the plan cant save it, it says generally route cant be saved. Im using navdata pro anyway, tryed to reinstall Net framework but that didnt solve the problem with erroron startup
  3. Fireknackers

    Wind data insertion

    I have the same problem with wind insertion. inserted flpln in active sky, Im going trough step by step manual so using company route made by airbus flight planner FRALHR1 and MCDU saying while trying insert NOT ALLOWED, same when trying put airports to flight plan they not in database so deffinetly something is wrong