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  1. You are right. I could have sworn there was such option, but oh well, maybe I confused it with something else. Anyway, I now remember how I managed to move PFPX data folder to a different location. I moved the Data folder to a different location, and then launched PFPX. It greeted me with following message: I pressed OK and selected the location where I moved the Data folder from the prompt PFPX presented me. And that's it. On pre v2 I was able to use this walkaround, but on v2.03 it didn't let me do this... I think an option to allow users to define Data folder location would be very neat. Hopefully PFPX dev reads this and maybe adds this to the future feature list (together with bringing back tropopause...). Unfortunately this is an unacceptable option... Thanks, I will check registry. I also like to keep PFPX data folder in more accessible place. I use PFPX from two computers, so setting up planes/routes/etc. two times separately would be a pain in the bun. Therefore I had Data folder moved to my Onedrive, and since both PCs hace access to it, they also get access to the planes/routes/etc on either of the machines I decide to use to run PFPX. At the first glance, however, I wouldn't find such entry. Any chance you may know the exact path to it? In the mean time I will continue looking.
  2. I would like to move PFPX user folder, the one located in C:\Users\Public\Documents by default, to another location. I remember pre v2 there was an option somewhere in the settings to do so, but now in 2.03 I'm having trouble locating this option. Is there a way I can move PFPX database to a different location in 2.03?
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