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  1. Hi. I believe this isn't a support question rather a general question on a procedure. After flying a missed approach and following the procedure for that, instead of letting the Airbus fly from the start of the RNAV, how do I get it to fly VIA a certain fix? When I enter a new approach with the VIA, it refuses to fly over that fix and still tracks for the start of the RNAV and not drawing a track from the VIA, is this a bug? As the via does appear there I can't fly it even tracking DIR to it. Approach: YBRY RNAV 28 VIA BRYEG However during a missed approach the Airbus wants to fly the approach from BRYEI which is VIA nothing which makes sense of course. Though it seems I can't insert a new approach in without strange happenings.
  2. Ah ok! Thanks. How can I re-program the MCDU so the aircraft will fly the approach VIA BRYEG and not fly a straight in like it wants to. BRYEG just shows on it's own it seems and when I enter a direct to to it it stuffs up the flight plan as shown.
  3. Hi. During the RNAV runway 28 approach into YBRY the aircraft didn't slow down enough or for that matter didn't go into FINAL APP mode which was fine, thus I conducted a go around, everything went fine. Because of the terrain near by I needed to perform a certain VIA (BRYYEG) so instead of allowing the aircraft to fly its approach it wanted to, I wanted to re-select the app by doing that in the MCDU. The fix BRYEG appeared blank and the aircraft didn't want to fly the approach via it. The approach part appeared as a straight in app. So I try'd it again, this time however even though it was in the MCDU the aircraft didn't seem to care about the altitudes in there, therefore staying in selected mode. Even direct 'to' didn't do the trick it just didn't re-calculate its VNAV path. After trying to find information on what I was doing wrong I just decided to divert to West Angels airport and fly the RNAV 22 there, which I did. I entered the alternate and planned 10000ft, now correct me if I'm wrong, but I now believe I needed to enter 10000FT in the prog page? This would allow the aircraft to make VNAV calculations from what I believe? FINAL APP and the airport was inside a hill! Now I'm back to YBRY again, same story however I couldn't seem to override that annoying selected mode, even though all the constraints and decal points were depicted. I'm certainly not an Airbus expert and it's probably not a bug at all, having flown Boeing for many years I would've been bound to do something wrong in this scenario, please correct me how I should've executed this procedure. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I recently installed a livery by accident confusing that it was no updated for P3D, I dropped the livery in as instructed, all other liveries are fine that I've installed. I installed it and as it was out of date it did not show in the folder, thus I couldn't get rid of the old files there. I then reinstalled the entire bus to 'hopefully' remove the livery files. I installed the updated livery of the fictional Airnorth A318 and it was apparently there, depicting that the 'aircraft is already installed.' Where can I find if the livery is actually there or if it is a bug in the actual livery?
  5. It was the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition 64Bit. Although I'm not sure if it's also due to the fact that I tried downloading experimental update releases first, before reverting back.
  6. I'm very surprised to say it actually worked for once! The only thing I did was uninstall another aircraft, don't know what that had to do with it..
  7. It prompted me to install RAAS, but it's still out of date according to the updater itself. Perhaps it's something with the aircraft and not the updater itself, although the aircraft was installed properly and works perfectly.
  8. So I've managed to delete any trace of the ASUpdater, basically just deleting the folder in the Aerosoft path. I then uninstalled the Airbus and then reinstalling it; after that I restarted my PC. I then went into P3D, just to see if that helped and ran the plane, I then open the updater, it updates itself and tells me that I have version 1. I run the update with no errors like it should, but now I can still update it, it still says I have version 1, not 1.01! When I go back into the updater it says my Bus is out of date and needs an update, runs in a circle like that. According to the guide in updating the product there's a missing line in between 'Update completed' The 'update selected product' should also not be clickable. It shows that the installed version is only 1.0. As I said after I exit the the updater and go back in, the blue text in the top left is red again, indicating it's out of date. It's worked perfectly before when I first got this aircraft.
  9. It doesn't let me delete all the files unfortunately.. Apparently they cannot be deleted as they were already running.
  10. Hi. Very disappointed after I checked for an update on the ASUpdater and forgot to disable my Norton Security, so sure enough there was an update it started to update and then Norton removed it. From what I know I tried to restore the file, however I believe that since it was in the middle of an update the files got all messed up. I then tried to run it and it worked, however it didn't update my AS Bus properly. It ran the update like it should and then says it's completed, however I can verify that the update did not complete properly as it still informs me of being out of date every time I go into it. I reinstalled the entire Bus twice! Including restarting my computer a few times. No luck; next, I try to delete the ASUpdater files, they can't all be deleted apparently so again I try to reinstall the bus in hope to re-write them; it did, but still nothing worked out. I've run the updater many times before seamlessly, obviously remembering to disable Norton when doing so. Any suggestions of what I can try to do to recover the updater? My Bus is now out of date since I reinstalled it. Thanks!
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