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  1. I just discovered a listing at the end of my addon scenery - FSDG-Apt ALT Files. (see attached) What is it and what programme installed it? Someone suggested it has to do with determining elevations in airport scenery, is this true? I have often found issues with elevation in some sceneries and it is frustrating. I have a lot of airport sceneries in my system and to avoid elevation issues or gate mismatch issues (Navigation - airport - gate X) where you end up somewhere else than the gate selected, is there a set of rules somewhere to determine the order or priority of scenery? Cheers Father Dane
  2. Thank you - I will give that a try. Is there a direct key stoke I can use to assign to a button, for instance? Or is there a custom command I can assign? Cheers
  3. Hello there Can anyone help me with how to activate jetways, please? I have several mega airports and although I have installed the SODE package, the jetway does not respond to the usual CTRL + J key. If I go into the jetway setup and disable SODE, the jetways still do not work. I have been trying to get Oslo to work but without success. I have the latest SODE and the latest Oslo v113. Any ideas? Father Dane
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