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  1. Is there Flight Planning with NavDataPro? Is there a video on how it works? Jim
  2. Thanks Otto, Support did help. I found my problem, when using FSXSE there are two sets of settings, one for FSXSE and one for Aerosoft. I have been deleting FuelPlannerSavedSettings.xml in Steam DLC with no luck. Followed the path to Aerosoft Settings that support gave me and it worked. Thank you, Jim
  3. I have deleted file FuelPlannerSavedSettings.xml and still have the same error.
  4. When I use Aerosoft Fuel Planner, I receive "Error loading saved settings" The following error occurred while attempting to load the saved settings: There is an error in XML document. (0, 0). How do I correct this problem and how does this happen? I have seen other posts regarding this issue but I never see any solutions. Any help appreciated. Big Island
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