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  1. Just playing around with my new PC and have started to installing all the flightsim things again. I have installed now the latest version of PFPX and trying to create the following route for my Concorde flight: CPT Q63 ... ... ... 5040N01500W 5050N02000W 5030N03000W 4916N04000W 4703N05000W 4610N05300W 4414N06000W 4246N06500W 4200N06700W DCT ... ... ... In the previous version I had installed on my old PC I could create a .PLN for P3Dv3 and the coordinates stayed the same (except that the "name" of the coordinate got changed, but the physical location in the .PLN file was the same). Now with the new version I can't do that anymore, every time I try to create the .PLN for the route above it rounds off some of the coordinates and I end up quite a bit off from my intended track SM. Instead of the intended route, PFPX does this: 5040N01500W 51N020W 5030N03000W 4916N04000W 47N050W 4610N05300W 4414N06000W 4246N06500W 42N067W Is there a workaround for this or do I have to switch to a different flight planning program which doesn't do this...? Many Thanks Martin Tornberg
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