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  1. Hi All. Just another quick update. Completed a few more A330 flights without issue (since unchecking ECAM rendering). Cheers Tom
  2. Quick update. I have completed 10 more A330 flights without any CTDs, since my last post and after unchecking ECAM rendering. Cheers Tom
  3. No problem, Dave. I was focused on trying the redistributables updates first based on earlier recommendations in the thread and thought I was making some progress with it until the CTD today. I have just successfully completed a brief A330 flight with ECAM Rendering unchecked. Will test further over 10+ flights and report back. Cheers Tom
  4. Thanks for this suggestion, Daniel. I recall seeing this in the thread now that you mention it. I will try it now. Cheers Tom
  5. Thanks Dave. I will let you know if/when I complete my reinstall, but it will not be for a few weeks or months as I would only be doing this (if at all) for the purpose of installing P3Dv5 - when it has stabilized more. Everything currently on my system and simulator continues to work perfectly apart from the A330 and so I don't have the time to run through such a disruptive process (reinstalling OS, P3Dv4.5, addons etc) to fix this single isolated issue. I realize this is my decision and will impact my ability to fly the A330. If other things (at least one other thing!) were not
  6. Bad news I'm afraid. Taxiing out with A330 , experienced D3D10Warp.dll CTD. I truly though I had this one solved. Oh well. Based on remaining advice in this thread, I guess it looks like the only fix is an OS reinstall. I personally will not be doing that at this time as everything else on my system is working perfectly. I may do it before installing P3Dv5 (after it stabilizes). Good luck all and I will keep watching for any other updates. Tom
  7. I started with downloading and installing the redistributables one by one from the following Microsoft site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads. However, after doing this and comparing to other lists of redistributables (specifically the C++ 2005 version), I noted that some of my versions were still not up to date. After some research, I found some commentary from various forums that Microsoft does not always make available or is slow to update their lists for all of the latest redistributable updates on its own download site. I
  8. Just wanted to provide a quick update. Since (re)installing the C++ redistributables in my earlier post, I have now successfully flown another 6 flights without issue. Tom
  9. I have what I hope is a positive update. I revisited my C++ redistributables list to check once more for updated versions and decided to re-download and install them again. This updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable to Version 8.0.59193.0. Having done this before, I thought I had all the most recent versions - but apparently not. I also uninstalled REX Environment Force. Now it was installed but not being used in the sim, so I completely uninstalled it in any case. I have since completed four flights successfully so far, without any CTDs. I have re-listed my
  10. Thanks for clarification mopperle. I was using Navigraph's own description of their update "Fix: Failure to authenticate account (frequent re-login incorrectly needed)" in their release notes for Simlink - and should have been more clear that I was referring to having to login to my Navigraph account through their own pop up window (not through the Aerosoft Configurator) during flight - which appears to be fixed now. Incidentally, I was also just reading your post from Apr 8th "Errors when choosing Navigraph" for assistance regarding the EFB messages! Thanks for that.
  11. Thanks Marcus and Liamr685 I have just successfully flown the same test flight that CTD 3 times before (LFPD-KBOS - 7+ hrs). This time I updated my Navigraph simlink to v1.1.14.0524 released today. This update fixes the failure to authenticate the Navigraph account, resulting in frequent re-logins that are incorrectly needed and red error messages on the EFB. I believe that the Navigraph authentication error may have started with me around the same time as I started getting the D3D10warp.dll CTDs, but not sure if it is or could be connected. However, this is only the f
  12. Hi Liamr685 I just leave the check/flows preparation screen on. Cheers Tom
  13. Tested again twice with same flight - both flights resulted in CTDs with .NET runtime / D3D10Warp.dll errors. First was about 2 hrs into flight and 2nd was 1 hour in. I have listed my redistributables below. Note that my C++ 2013 versions (12.0.40664.0) are more recent than those in the link that LIamr685 provided (12.0.40649.0), so I ended up keeping the more recent ones. Would appreciate it if anyone can check my redistributables below and let me know if you spot any potential issues. Thanks Tom ---- Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributab
  14. Thanks LIamr685. I have downloaded and installed the C++ 2013 updates per you link and will test again. Tom
  15. Two more successful flights and then another CTD with D3D10Warp.dll as faulting module again - just after take off. I will recheck MS C++ redistributables again, but do not plan a full sim reinstall (until I update to P3Dv5) or an OS re-install, as everything else on PC, with the sim and all addons are working perfectly (as did the A330 prior to March 27). Note that I have also been flying the Aerosoft Professional A318/19 and A320/21 without any issues. Cheers Tom
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