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  1. @Emanuel Hagen @Mathjis Kok , now it works. Thanks for your help!
  2. Ok, i will do this right now. Thanks for you help!
  3. Strange. I just tried the default weather with Very High Precipitations, and still nothing on the WX Radar.
  4. Ok, i will try, and be back with an answer.
  5. With the SkyForce, or with the default weather?
  6. Weather Engine : On . In Sync Engine: On ; Network mode: Off.
  7. Hmm, can't really say that. I only open up the SkyForce and the game, and just sync the weather. How can i find that?
  8. Are you using just SkyForce or you are using it with ASP4?
  9. Hi! Firstly i did one more topic on the same subject a while ago, asking if the REX Sky Force 3D works with the Aerosoft Weather Radar. You said that it works with all weather addons. Now, even if in the game are heavy storms, or other bad weather, the weather radar dosen't show nothing. I have a photo with the settings from the weather radar:
  10. I just fixed it. I just had to run the game with Administrator privileges. Problem solved!
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