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  1. Hi Am looking for a British Airways crj 700 liveries is anyone able to make this or know if this is available anywhere Kind regards
  2. Thank you for efforts dave Last night I deleted every addon then fsx. I then downloaded all again and seems to be working now. Much appreciated for your time on this Kind regards
  3. Hi dave I will be available from 5.30BST What exactly is are you looking to do
  4. I'm am using fsx steam and the A318/a319 is version 1.31
  5. Hi dave thanks you for your respond. I am away from my pc at the moment but will update your message. If you could have a look at a post I done before nav problems airbus you should see in the pictures what is happening. No matter if I set the aircraft up from cold and dark to ready for taxi the same flight plan always appear on the plan page. 2 I fly the captainsim 777 set up with no problems at all The aerosoft crj 700/900 no problems flight plans etc etc 3 I first brought the airbus a320/a321 of steam as a DLC set this plane up for many flights. All fight plans done on simbrief.com I then brought the a318/a319 off the aerosoft site and this is when the problem started now all 4 of the plans are doing the same thing. I have deleted and installed any times and still the same problem.
  6. So I have followed the procedures and again it still showing the same flight plan when the switch is flicked to plan. I'm not sure why is has failed this is why I'm asking for help!
  7. I will try this but I don't have any faith this will work
  8. No I have not tried that. How do I do that. Is that the route for the step by step flight?
  9. Hi have asked about this before ( to which no help in getting the problem sort) but now starting to get frustrated seems like I have wasted money on a item what is not working properly. I have the airbus family for fsx. Now when ever I click on align IRS Then put in my from/to airports I get a tottaly different route apper on the on the nav screen. When I flick the switch over to plan. The only flight plan that has ever show up is EDLP to EDDF. If anyone could help would be much appreciated but I just feel rather let down so far about this whole situation
  10. That's the problem plan mode don't fit any flight plans I put in just this one plan? The plan shows up as soon as the irs is aligned
  11. Hi I'm not sure what's happening here but I only get the bottom flight plan no matter what route is put in. This is on the a318 a319 a320 and a321 The nav and arc is blank when I switch over. Any help would be much appreciated
  12. Resolved thank you for your replys Installed just using fsx and worked first time
  13. Masterhawk I'm using fsx steam, yes the Heathrow library is missing Yes installed with admin rights and fsx was shut down I will try to rerun the installer.
  14. Afternoon. I recently completely wiped fsx and all files related to the sim, I downloaded EGLL and EHRD and installed now only EHRD rotterdam is working correctly. I have installed EGLL when I open fsx it went to building files before load as expected but if you go to settings scenery library nothing for Heathrow. I have one for rotterdam Dutch airports - rotterdam x. I'm using orbx global, England could this be a reason? Any help much appreciated
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