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  1. Well, thats what i was asking for, and you gave me the answer. Thanks!
  2. Well, the developers should be able to answer to this question, since they developed the product, and they know how many resources it needs to work in a great way.
  3. Hi! I want to get a new PC . I was thinking of an Ryzen 5 1600, 8 GB , GTX 1060 3GB. Will the Aerosoft Airbus A320 Professional work at more than 40 FPS , with the game on Low - Medium settings? Thanks.
  4. The Airbus Professional . A320/A319
  5. Hi! Is the service pack 1 released?
  6. What other weather engines do you know?
  7. Hi guys! I play P3D for a while, and the only great Weather Engine that i know, and works as a Weather Radar for the Airbus A319 is Active Sky. So, my question is: Does anyone know a great Weather Engine, that will work as a Weather Radar for the Airbus? Thanks!
  8. Will the GSX be synchronised? @Mathijs Kok
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