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  1. The Jayhawk mod is available here The external model has been updated with a new search focus, the starboard tank and FLIR A new interior has been fully modelled, and three Hi-res textures, including the Centennial yellow textured, have been added by courtesy of Bill "Flewpastu" Copas
  2. Just download it from here, GrayMann
  3. The mod for the SH60B and SH60R is available in this link: This package includes: SH60B with FLIR SH60B with Hellfire missiles SH60B with Penguin missile SH60R (Romeo) basic SH60R with tank SH60 R with Hellfires SH60R with Penguin All armed versions are Tacpak enabled, and ads a funtional radar to direct the missiles. Missiles disspear from racks once launched. Read instructions carefully and make a backup copy of your files befor modding them. I wish to thank Aerosoft, for giving permission, Corrado La Costa for Tacpak modding and Tony Cullen for his carefully revision of all previous versions and help with textures and final model. Safe landings
  4. With kind permission of Aerosoft, I am preparing a mod pack of the aerosoft SH60B. It will include a SH60R version, and armed models of both SH60B and SH60R, both usable with Tacpack with the unvaluable help of Corrado La Costa. Here are some shots of the current state of the work.
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