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  1. how could i put more resources to fix it? my addons is some payware sceneries AES and PMDG.
  2. I use AES version 2.45 and using a windows 7 and amd gpu dual core cpu and here is the images of the problem and scenery was a pacific islandsim RPLL
  3. i am using fsx accel not fsx se. and not using Steve's dx10 fixer..
  4. ground shadows was off on my settings. The problem was if i land on first try ground equipment of aes jetways etc. is visible but if i go around for 2nd try when i land jetways etc. are invisible but the aes menu was working and I hear the agent but it was invisible how could i fix that.? thanks for the answer..
  5. I have a problem when i land RPLL in first attempt ground equipment of aes is visible marshaller and jetways but if I go around for 2nd attempt equipment is invisible but aes window working i only see shadows on the spot how to fix that?? thanks for the answers
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