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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1250410/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator/ fair point 😉
  2. With the Steam version now having been released (for pre-order), does anyone have any details on how that version will differ to the microsoft store version? I preordered the microsoft store version, but as I own most of my games on steam I would like to preorder it on there. Are there any downsides to the steam version? Thanks in advance Anton
  3. Thanks but this is not nescessary anymore! I changed the folder's properties and now SODE works fine. Anyhow - I will try to uninstall all my P3D AddOns that are in the X86 Folder and reinstall them in the correct/desirable location - just like Tom suggested! Thanks again for your efforts!
  4. I did not choose that location... it was automatically assigned by the installer.. :/
  5. Thanks for the tip! ...As you can see some folders were read only... I quickly corrected this and now everything works! Thanks again!
  6. I've already tried running it off and on again - just did it another time just to make sure, but still the same issue. :/ I am not too familiar with SODE so I don't really know how to do what you suggested. Thanks for your help!
  7. I have pretty much the same issue on P3D V4.2 at Malaga Professional (Simwings). I installed the latest version of Sode (1.6.3) and checked the installation instructions of the "Sode Plugin" by SimWings.... Judging by the issue itself smh the default jetways are still active. Thanks in advance!
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