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  1. Hello , I did everything it says when you download a liveries BUT when I select the plane ( by example ) A-320 cfm I dont see the cockpit its black but I ear the sound. If I press S I see the plane outside. I did what the say ( copy the folder in simobject aircraft- I add the plane in the .cfg and add the number But one thing why I did not use the liverie manager ? Thanks Richard
  2. THANK you very much I did install acceleration and it works thank Richard
  3. Hello pilots, I am soooo desapointed just bought A320-321 last and since I installed it my FSX shut down when I select A-320 or A-321 ???? what did I do ? When I re install FSX do you think SP-2 were install right away or should I install SP-1 and SP-2 manually before installing A-320 ? . All basic aircraft open normally. Thank you Richard
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