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  1. Hello

    I have been flying a lot in London lately and founded this issue, has been really annoying and still cant find neither cause or solution.

    those 2 may be very nice screenshots, but please look carefully at the Rwy, this happens in all 09L/R 27L/R for some reasons when I'm closing to the RWY appears like a default runway (without markings) above the scenery runway. I checked for another AFCAD files but find nothing, also checked for more files named EGLL  but again, nothing, this also happens while on ground. 
    how is this set up? ORBX VECTOR+GLOBAL+OPEN LC Europe +ORBX England FTX (no way to run true earth). + Aerosoft EGLL everything on P3DV4.5 HF3
    of course i also checkwd for compatibility on the ORBX England and check for EGLL compatibility, and also deleted all the EGLL files within the ORBX folders, but no joy. I also tried reisntalling the scenery and putting on top of the scenery library, but again, no joy

    below the screenshots I'm letting video of a landing and you will clearly see the issue

    thanks in advance for any idea or suggestion

    if useful i'm letting my main specs here

    w10 pro//i7-9700KF//RTX2060 //32GB//Z390



  2. hello

    i know its an old topic, but does anyone here tried the new PILOTS mesh? the new one launched to be compatible with p3dv5?
    I would like to know if with this new merge we are going to, still, need the fixes explained in this forum thread?


  3. 4 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    It's something we worked really hard on. We sell scenery and aircraft, lol.




    Yes, that is something we will be working on soon.


    Thanks Mathijs, looking forward for it 

    i would also take the chance to ask if the reception by the community has been as expected? just cheking forums and facebook pages, looks like a warm welcome for your product, wich is a good thing. My question is pointed to eventual future developments, would love to se the A332/ A343 and/or new engine variants..

    thanks again


  4. hello!

    i already knwo there is a way to convert repaints from the older version to the pro version of the A320 family, however, there is any chance to have a utility or tool to this in a more direct or straight forward way? or perhaps allow the livery manager to automatically convert them while installing

    i think this could be a nice detail, since there are 1500 liveries on the older version and not all of them are already done for the new version

    thanks :)

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