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  1. Fredge

    Airbus company route manager not working.

    I clicked on the ASUpdater it said something along the lines of "This software cannot run on your computer, please check with the software publisher." Later I clicked on the exe file, anti-virus stated there was a virus, it kicked in and deleted everything in the exe file.
  2. Fredge

    Airbus company route manager not working.

    Where is it located?
  3. Hi, I've been trying to load in company routes since it's obviously a lot quicker than manually entering the waypoints and airways. However, when I try to open the company route editor it just opens the Corte Editor window saying "FATEL ERROR: No aircraft found!"
  4. Fredge

    Not following the route? -> Read this

    I will start a new flight now and I will comeback with all the info if the issue reappears.
  5. Fredge

    Not following the route? -> Read this

    129 pax, 1.9 tons of cargo, 6 tons of fuel, FL370, CI49 (EGLL/27R DET2F DET L6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 SPI UT180 PESOV T180 UNOKO UNOK2M EDDF/07R), nothing abnormal on the displays, the aircraft literally just turned a completely different direction from the route. BA A319 IAE engines.
  6. Fredge

    Not following the route? -> Read this

    I entered all the information required for the flight (everything under "FMGS Preparation" in the "Normal Procedures Document" and every single flight I've done the aircraft deviates from the route.
  7. Yesterday I was installing the A320 Pro Family and I got a virus warning from my anti-virus scanner. This lead to the Airbus configurator not being installed. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Yes, the Logitech 3D Pro has throttle and rudder (not realistic but still something) and is a good investment especially for the price.
  9. That would make the reverse thrust almost like an on/off switch. It be better if you press F2 once to go to idle reverse and then hold it in to your desired position. However, I think it's to late to discuss this now..
  10. 5 weeks between the A318/A319 and A320/A321? Are the service packs charged updates or free?
  11. At 20:16 in the video there is the clicks followed by the beep, however it only occurs after engine start. Isn't also supposed to sound when External power is turned on? There was only one click and no fans started when external power was turned on in the video.
  12. Wow there is a lot of new things in the MCDU that I don't understand Do you really have enter all the data in the same way as in the video?
  13. Ok thank you for the clarification.
  14. After you enter the flight plan from simbrief into the CO ROUTE, do you still need to choose a departure and arrival?
  15. For example, in simbrief and other flightplanning tools you can create, download a flightplan and put it in the "CO ROUTE" box in the MCDU. Can you use the current format for the upcoming Professional A320 or will we have to wait until a new one is made for the A320 Pro?