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  1. Yes I got the same problem with A321, FOB stops at 2880kg...
  2. How do I hijack topics Instead of making new topic I prefer using already exist topics which is much more rational
  3. Does enyone experience a problem with missing contrail of A321 IAE only?
  4. You mean to select Repair option of P3D content file?
  5. Thank you and how did you restore original P3D files which PTA modified?
  6. What section of PTA should I review Sir? What option should I uncheck?
  7. Is there any option to solve this problem with jagged shadows?
  8. I have those jagged shadows of fuselage as well. So if the problem is in shadows casting of the sim what we are supposed to do to correct this problem?
  9. Hello everybody. I would like to know is it normal to have these dirty spots on my pilot glass windshield on my Aerososft Airbus X Extended Neo edition A321? I know they are not a problem but want to know whether it is normal to have them in Aerosoft. Can you check your A321 Neo Airbus X Extended whether you have them too? Thank you for your answers. I have attached pictures to see the spots. I only see them in this panel mode /GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL/
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