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  1. Hi, I have contacted SimMakrt for a Refund. Order number - 2859496 They have advised me that without your approval for refund, they cannot refund me. Note: This Product was rushed and it is stucked into a INIFINIT LOOP cause MSFS to NOT load when you have select an Airport. The people that developed this Product and those that tested this should be parted ways with Aerosoft.....This product's quality is rushed and very disapointing. Please tell Simmarket to refund me, I don't want anything to do this with Product. Thanks, Regis
  2. How in hell you release a product that is not working....This is insane. I am getting a refund. This garbage
  3. Getting the same issue....After sim load, select airplane and airport and click fly...it get stuck around 97%.... Any idea...
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