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  1. I am still making them, here is the latest

    I have a few more in the pipeline

    I asked Aerorosoft about releasing the float version template a few days ago, but got no answer.

    I could make a template for it, but Aerosoft has one done and is in no hurry to release it, I don´t see why should I spend some real effort doing this for them.

    If they have higher priorities, so do I. A pity.

  2. I tried Abacus Repaint v2, but it only works with the default MS aircraft, instead I use ModelConverter X

    It also deflects the rudder one way so it is hard to use it for lining up anything on the vertical stab and rudder.

    this is something Aerosoft has to reset - the rudder itself is not easy to paint in real life as we can see in many misaligned logos is real life Twin Otters, in FSX it is so time consuming that it makes some skins a no go.

  3. Hey Tom,

    I'm also working on an ERA livery in a tundra cargo version, but I haven't made much progress as work and family life has been quite hectic. One thing i will say is the stripes around the front of the radome are proving to be quite the challenge, the rest of the scheme is pretty straight forward. i will say it would be nice if the new paint kits for the tundra and float versions were available. Hopefully we will see those this week.

    the entire nose area is a pain :mad:

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