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  1. Maybe this has been missed or something, but can maybe a aerosoft employee answer my question or just say no? Thanks
  2. In a good or bad way? if i may ask
  3. Bhyzog

    Brussels International preview

    Sorry but i cannot find that information can you give a link to it? Thanks
  4. Bhyzog

    Brussels International preview

    But they said it been restarted again for the third time are they using the same models as seen in this topic or everything new?
  5. Bhyzog

    Brussels International preview

    Ok thanks for the replies, can we have a preview of the new one of is it too early?
  6. Bhyzog

    Brussels International preview

    Hello i was looking around searching for previews of brussels v2.0 then i saw a site with the article of Aerosoft brussels v2.0. Their sites says its in stock on 22April on a sunday. I don’t know if this is legit so i ask you guys? I also included a screenshot sorry it is dutch though.