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  1. Hi Sorry abt the late reply. Haven't been using a computer lately as as I have an injured hand Yes, it is the cockpit from the Red Bull edition. Mind you, it's not a very great cockpit, as 1) The GPS included doesn't work properly 2) The light intensity dials are reversed 3) A couple of other things. But the aircraft is very flyable. It should be, it's based on David Copely's beautiful P-38, way back from at least FS2004 - perhaps earlier. BRGDS Sven
  2. Mike, this journal will undoubtedly get my vote! Beautiful screenshots, and the airlines' history as well. BRAVO ZULU! BRGDS Sven
  3. Very nice screenies, Jeff! Welcome back to London! BRGDS Sven
  4. Thanks a lot! I do see a lot of people either dropping out or plain forgetting to update the spreadsheet... BRGDS Sven
  5. Back in London City after 80 days, last leg 43min, 19 secs. What a trip! 20427nm, 63hrs 32min, most of them in P-38, the 2 oceanic ones in PMDG 747-400. Actually, the distance is probably a bit longer, as I know I failed to register one leg. Also, I spent a LOT of time trying to get the kinks of of my simulator! Thank you, Mathijs and Aerosoft for this event, it was just what I needed to get me going again. BRGDS Sven Sorensen EKCH
  6. So this is it! 80 days has gone by and the final leg is coming up... EGGP-EGLC 153nm. See ya... /Sven
  7. And so it shall be. EICK to EIDW, 256nm EDIT: Not quite... Safely down at EGGP. I only did a touch and go in Dublin, as I'm sure mr. Fogg was in a hell of a hurry. 1hr 2min, 256nm. Only one more leg to go... brgds Sven
  8. Well, the P-38 has been unpacked and reassembled as you can see, so we ready for the final legs. However, I plan on reaching London on 17mar, as it then will be 80 days since I left. So I'm really in no hurry, but I might do a leg or two later today. The screenshot above is made by using Lorby WAMA to position both the P-38 and the freighter next to each other. Unfortunately, you can't use BOB or an avatar to get an even better shot, as this will remove gear and other stuff from the PMDG model. You can't have everything.... BRGDS Sven
  9. Okay, here we go again. Still lousy wether at Cork, in fact even worse than the other day. Lets see. KJFK to EICK, 2764 nm EDIT: Safely down at EICK, 5hrs 12 min. I have trouble shutting down... my mouse is not responding.... BRGDS Sven
  10. So... Ready for my first flight in a heavy freighter, of course with my P38 on board! The plan is KJFK to Cork in Ireland, near Quenstown Harbour where mr. Fogg and co. actually came ashore. There I will unpack the P38, fly to Dublin and then to Liverpool, still in mr. Foggs trail. From Liverpool, a straight line to London... Let\s see how it goes. Strong winds are forecast for Cork... KJFK-EICK, 2766nm. EDIT: That's a bummer! I just thought I had fixed the issue that caused P3D to lock up. Got to the runway, the aircraft in front of me was cleared for take-off, then BOOM! Stuck again. I hate it! Will try it again in the weekend...
  11. Final leg in US, KYNG-KJFK, 315nm EDIT: Safely down - well, I have to admit, I landed on the wrong runway 13L iso 13R. I had missed that they use the same ILS frequency, and the weather was not pretty. 1hr 5min, take-off to fuel box. /Sven
  12. Second to last leg in US, KORD-KYNG, 327nm EDIT: Safely down at KYNG, but not completely troublefree. The builtin ATC is woefully inadequate, as we all know. So with a heavy crosswind at TOD (106kts, at 5 o'clock), it told me to turn left to 120. But my mag heading WAS 120, and that would bring me not into the pattern, but right to the terminal... And when you try to compensate, you get: "Please exedite you turn to 120", bla bla. Cancel IFR, and fly the approach, but of course I did spend too much time too high, and with the tailwind on top of that. In the end I had to divebomb the plan to be able to catch the runway... 0 hrs, 59 min. /Sven
  13. Just time for another one: KSUX-KORD, 378nm EDIT: Safely down at KORD. Great fun making all those big jetliners wait for you... Actually, they don't. I can keep up a much higher approach speed than they can, making it easy to beat them to the runway /Sven
  14. Ready to move on. KCYS-KSUX (No, I didn't invent that!) 384mn. EDIT: Welcome to Sioux City. Wonderful flight, with sunrise! 1hr 18min. /Sven
  15. On we go. KDTA to KCYS, 368nm EDIT: And down safe after 1hr 23min Finally flying in daylight and mountains - and then all these white, fluffy things.... /Sven
  16. Oops - it seems that my last edit didn't make it to the forum! Guess I screwed up from being too tired Well, I have updated the spreadsheet, so now I'll just repeat the info here: Landed safely at KSFO on 15feb, after 9hrs 38mins. And now, after a long rest, I'm ready to move on. The P-38 has been brought ashore and made flightworthy again. BUT: I think it is a crying shame, that there now is controversy aroung the end dates - Mathijs, that could have been avoided if you had corrected the schedule as you wrote you would! I too did wonder about the break in the schedule 01mar-07mar, but as it wasn't corrected anywhere I decided to used what you originally wrote! As a result of that, I'll probably be more than 80 days but nothing I can do about that now. Anyway, my route for crossing USA looks like KSFO KPVU KCYS KSUX KORD KYNG KJFK. The first leg is rather long, but let's see what the winds say... KSFO-KPVU 521nm coming up... EDIT: Diverting to KDTA. Not enough fuel I think... EDIT2: Safely down at KDTA. High altitude, almost 5000 ft. 12% fuel left. Would it have been enough to reach KPVU? Maybe, but not enough for a go-around... BRGDS Sven
  17. Hi y'all I hope everyone is doing alright and are well underway to San Francisco. As for myself, I am sitting quite relaxed in the left seat of PMDG United's 747-400, flight number UA7939. Quite relaxed is a new state of mind for me, as the past week has been relly, really frustrating flight sim wise. I think I mentioned that I have been away from this hobby for quite some time (more than a year) and as result a lot of things needed updating - including my skills on how to fly the 747! Fortunately, there is an excellent tutorial, and it is like bycycling - you never quite forget it. On the other hand, I also wanted to have the visual goodies like GSX refuelling and the rest of the airport traffic. Plus, I have a couple (only a couple, luckily) of custom made goodies, including LUA scripts to control reversers and to make my Saitek X52 PRO's LEDs reflect the status of some of the stuff on board: Autopilot/throttle, flaps, spoilers etc. For instance, when A/T is armed one of the LEDs are yellow, when TOGA is active if flashes green and then become a steady green when the TOGA phase is over. All very nifty, but it needed updating and testing. There goes the first week. Then I began the work of making GSX and PDMG's animations play nice with each other - not easy, another few days - but I finally got it to work - almost, but good enough. All this using KDEN-KSFO from the tutorial as template. Then I tried setting up for this flight, just to see if everything worked OK. And it did - right until P3D crashed. And again. And again. Kind of strange, as KDEN-KSFO worked fine. So it might have been the airport, nighttime or traffic - or something else entirely. I suddenly remembered why I had stepped away frim Flight Simming, and I was close to doing it again! In the end, I dropped all the fance stuff, like progressive refuelling, animations and just used GSX' great pushback. And I turned off all traffic! So here I am at FL370, gs=521, mach .856 and about 4 1/2 hour to go on this 4614nm leg. Hope to see you all in KSFO. BRGDS Sven
  18. Nope, still here! Some time ago I wrote about my disappointment in the Hong Kong scenery> "To be frank, P3D default screnery for HKG lea ves much to be desired! With so many landmarks, they chose 2(!) towers and that was it! No sign of the old Kai Tak airport, which is now a cruise terminal. I couldn't even find the checkerboard itself, which I'm pretty sure still exists. Oh, well..." Well, as I got to Tokyo I realized something was seriously wrong with my P3D setup. The terminal buildings in RJTT was all black monoliths, with no texture... It turned out that my P3D upgrade to 5.3 was not complete! Apparently the update of the CONTENT part had failed, something I found out by setting "ContentErrorReporting=1" in Prepar3d.cfg. Lots of errors related to contents. After fixing this, I went back to Hong Kong and what a difference: But the cruise terminal on the old Kai Tak isn't there and neither is the actual checkerboard! As for the next step (RJTT to KSFO), I've decided that it will be too expensive to have my P-38 flown there. As we have 22 days to complete this segment, I have chartered room on a ship and had the P-38 covered with anti-corrosives and loaded aboard a ship: As for myself, I will be enjoying the luxury of flying the PMDG 747 QOTSII directly to San Fransisco... BRGDS Sven BRGDS
  19. Couple of screenies from Tokyo by Night... Plenty of scenery here Mt Fuji in the background
  20. I had planned to take this segment much slower, but the winds are just too good at the moment, so I'll push on to RJTT. It's 513 nm, but with these tailwinds (around 65 knots) I should be able to make it. However, just in case I have added VOR NKE, which will enable me to make a diversion to RJBD. If I reach that point with less than 50% fuel, I'll take the diversion. Off we go, RJFY-RJTT, 513nm. EDIT1: at RJBD, 53% fuel left. At FL250, 433 kts GS. Pressing on to RJTT. EDIT2: Safely down at RJTT with 21% fuel to spare 1hr 33min, but I did have to circle to bleed off altitude. Bad management from my side... Passing Fuji-Sama BRGDS Sven
  21. Well, it would be stupid not to take advantage of the tailwind, so here goes: ZSPD-RJFY (Kanoya) 464 nm... EDIT: What a ride! 442kts ground speed and 464 nm covered in just under 1.5 hours! /Sven
  22. Hmm, average tailwind ZSPD-RJFY is just below 65kts, getting there is no problem if I were to start now! Unfortunately, that is not an option as Real Life (you have all heard of it, I'm sure) is calling. Maybe I'll get a chance tonight, otherwise I will just have to hope the wind doesn't change too much... See Ya Later Sven
  23. I think I have time for another one: Changle to Shanghai, ZSFZ-ZSPD. 332nm EDIT: My very nice tailwinds from last leg became a rather nasty crosswind of 100+kts. Descending to FL210 helped a bit. Nice landing with a A321 hot (as in *HOT*) on my heels! 332nm covered in 1:07. BRGDS Sven
  24. It's Februrary 1st and so it is time for the segment Hong Kong to Yokohama. Now, Yokohama is Tokyos harbour but it doesn't have it's own airport. Closest airport to the sea is Haneda (RJTT) and so that is my destination for this segment. So far, the routing looks like VHHH-ZSFZ-ZSPD-RJFY-RJTT. The 2 last legs are pretty long, the last is 513nm, so this routing will change if the winds are not favourable. And with that, off to Changle (ZSFZ), 383nm. EDIT: What a contrast! Beautiful tailwinds all the way, GS 420 - and then rain, low clouds and 30knts winds at landing. Fortunately it was almost straight headwind, so no problems landing! 383nm in 1hr 17min PS: Turns out, there were more to Hong Kong at night. I wonder why I couldn't see all those buildings the other day, maybe they only show up at night? BRGDS Sven
  25. Screenshots fom Hong Kong... To be frank, P3D default screnery for HKG leaves much to be desired! With so many landmarks, they chose 2(!) towers and that was it! No sign of the old Kai Tak airport, which is now a cruise terminal. I couldn't even find the checkerboard itself, which I'm pretty sure still exists. Oh, well... The last one is Sek Kong airport (VHSK). Clearly, you have to consider your go-around options... BRGDS Sven
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