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  1. I'm hoping that some one can help me. I am using AES Airports. The problem I'm having is the Microsoft pushback vehicle, at Belfast is still there so AES pushback Vehicle runs over it every time. My Question where do I go to get rid of the Microsoft pushback Vehicle. Any help would be appreciated. Jack
  2. Hi,I have a problem with Aldergrove AES. When on pushback the Marshall his legs do not move and on the wave on the left hand side he just stands there doing nothing.All my other onesAirports: Birmingham,Bristol,London Heathrow,And Edinburgh all work just fine,why Aldergrove Marshall does not work baffles me.I like your program and wish to buy more but I'm afraid I may get the same problem with others. So until this is fixed I will hold off buying anymore. Has anyone else reported this problem. I have been on the forum but no one can answer my problem. Thanks for your time.Jack.
  3. Thanks,Now what can I do in FSX to correct or fix the problem. ?? Any ideas would be appreciated..Cheers
  4. Hi, I have FSUIPC Version 4:520 And as I said all the other airports are just fine the only problem is with Aldergrove (Belfast).Jack.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the same problem as I'm having. At Aldergrove (Belfast) airport ,the Marshall when starting pushback moves but his legs do not. He just slides along. At all the other airports he is fine walking normally. Any help to correct this would be much appreciated.Jack.
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