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  1. Thank you to keep it in mind for a future update
  2. I don't want to start any fight here. I tried to show that the printed quality of the charts in A4 for MY appreciation is not good enough and looks pixelised. (the zommed pictures were to make it more clear). On screen in the webapplication and the program charts look very sharp and there is no issue when zooming in. When I buy something to print I expect that it's quality is very good and does not look like a cheap screenshot. It's like if you want to make a good graphic, you can use Paint or CorelDraw. CorelDraw will provide vectorial graphics which will be printed in the best possible sharpness. Paint, well you know... In my opinion, it is just a thought, in the NDP program you get vectorial quality of the charts (on screen they are perfect and you can zoom into without loss of quality). When printing something is done. Instead of printing the vectorial image, which would still be excellent in quality the resolution or whatever parameter is changed and quality is reduced (it's already visible in this small "preview window" that opens). Way out would be to either be able to print the vectorial data or increase the resolution of the printed file, either fixed value or as an option. Of course if I am the only one who asks for high quality prints and everyone else is satisfied, then I have no chance but at least I tried to. As you are the only one left to offer LIDO charts you could take that oportunity very seriously to offer a really interesting product
  3. It was from Navigraph before they switched over to Jeppesen
  4. Have you maximized the screenshot i uploaded? Embedded on this page it looks good. How is is it possible to increase the resolution in NDP Charts? I added another picture. Left a zoom into a chart from NDP. Right the same zoom on a Lido charts from other chart provider. I used the exact same printer settings (make sure to open the picture to see it completely)
  5. I tried many options but it did not improve anything. I also printed it on PDF using Acrobat pro in order to rule out the printer. There too quality is not good. I can provide a PDF for you if you want. Not sure however if I am allowed to upload it here as it shows a chart...I upload a screenshot of the PDF showing a cutout. For Info printing on paper shows the same quality
  6. I have checked that. Printer settings are ok. What I wanted to say is that on screen the charts are very sharp. I am sure they are vectorial images. When you print them they get pixelised. It's still readable but not sharp anymore-the vectorial part is now lost. maybe some compression takes place into jpeg format or some sort Using navigraph charts you have them sharp on screen and sharp on print. It's maybe looking for a pin in a heystack but thats what I am expecting for charts when I pay for
  7. Hi all, as Navigraph has switched to Jeppesen Charts and I thus want to keep with LIDO charts I gave a try at the NavDataPro Charts. Unlike perhaps many users I like to have my charts on paper when flying. As far as I noticed it is only possible to print one chart after the other... second the print quality of the charts is very poor. sorry for that but pixelised and blurry charts do not help anybody. Is there any way to obtain spot on crisp sharp charts please? On display they are great. So maybe I am doing something wrong but I have not found any option to improve that. Are there any plans to bring an update that will fix these issues, especially concerning the print quality? Thanks
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