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  1. May be on IVAO. Indeed "VFPS" isn't a option. I removed "VFPS" from the STS and it works. Thank you very much for the help. best regards, Manuel
  2. I have no idea how this came about in the plan. I removed "VFPS" from the STS and the error no longer appeared. Thank you very much for the help. best regards, Manuel
  3. Hi Stephen. I send you the ATC submission (Airbus A320 Flight Factor). Thank you very much for your help. Regards, Manuel
  4. Dear Captains. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to correct this error? I've version 2 PFPX and RAD Restrictions and Directs. Thank you! Manuel
  5. Thank you, srcooke. This was usefull for me too.
  6. Thank you very much, Stephen Cooke. It´s works - well done! I apreciated. inlovewithBoeing: Thank you very much for your attention. It is a useful solution for the airbus family. Regards, Manuel
  7. Dear Captains. I have the Airbus A320 Ultimate from Flight Factor. The PFPX + TOPCAT OFP does not have a Cost Index calcule (not available) for this plane - still, I suppose ... Does anyone have a template with CI, please? Thank you very much Manuel Correia
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