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  1. Setup a medium haul flight from JFK to LAX at FL380 in the A330 Step away for 4 hours and came back to excessive speed and FL400. Also reported by another user here: Reset back to FL380 by toggling ATHR and AP, just like the AFLOOR issue.
  2. I had the same problem as the OP. Fixed it the same way as the 319-321 installs: install no vehicles - solved Either use the Lorby addon organizer and check the encoding of the addon files (on the tools tab) or add <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> to the top of the A330 add-on.xml file. Im not sure whats going on with my system but ive had to do this with every aerosoft aircraft install for a while now. They will then show up in the vehicles list.
  3. I had an installation problem similar to @globetrotter over here After uninstalling a working 1.2.4 and installing 1.2.5 as i had done in the past, no airbus vehicles were available and the add-in wasn't listed in the p3d startup add-on pane. The A320-A321 entry looked ok in add-ons.cfg and lorby reported no issues, the entry was shown in packages and other addons. The fix The A320-A321 add-on.xml file had an entry for fonts even though no fonts directory was installed in the path. For reference im on Win10 1903. I used Lorby addon organizer to remove the fonts component and saved the xml file. Lorby also reformats it slightly to take out the "empty" lines. The add-on now appears in the p3d add-on pane and the aircraft in the vehicles pane. I had a very similar problem with Imaginesim WSS and its cfg file, so there may well be something generically wrong with my system but i thought the post might help for posterity. Note also when uninstalling the busses, the entry was not removed from add-ons.cfg (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\)
  4. A319 CFM on LEMH MAME1D MAMEB DCT PTC UN851 VJF UL82 IBALU UN857 TERTO TERT6V GCLA (simbrief) FL 370 Speed drop occurred on the climb out at around FL340. Magenta text was 102 but the green dot was around 200.
  5. Managed RNAV just isnt working at all. Tried KONT tonight RNAV GPS Y RWY 26L which has a few descending waypoints past the IAF. It started descending after EYIRA from 4800 but then just held at 4200 and wouldn't descend further on the path. I think we have enough cases here for Aerosoft to look into.
  6. Yes im seeing the same. I came in on the XAMO3G STAR to BOT then the RNAV. I pressed APPR at BOT (IAF) where the aircraft held at 3000. After METMA it dipped to 2960 but didn't go any further to follow the path. I have a feeling because there's no waypoints after METMA it just gets lost but that shouldn't matter.
  7. Where are you flying into and which RNAV approach are you using?
  8. Hi Rolf, Sure. During the 'after start' checklist you are asked to check the flight controls, 'full left', full right' etc If you choose 'skip item' in the MCDU during this phase the prompt text "move controller full left" remains at the bottom of the MCDU, which then gets overwritten with the next checklist prompts.
  9. Skipping the controller check during the checklist doesn't clear the text prompt in the MCDU or the top status bar. The text gets overwritten by subsequent prompts.
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