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  1. Thank you - all is well. The Silent.zip file did the job.
  2. Thank you - upon my return home in February I will unzip to Sound folder.
  3. Does anyone know of a way to turn off the background sound which is part of the US Cities-X Las Vegas scenery. I really love this airport scenery but the sound in the background gets annoying and also you can hear it when flying which does not quite make sense.
  4. Thank you for your reply. My only reason for wondering why those two airports show as closed on the map is because the map gets that information from the P3D scenery database bgl files - maybe it is reading the P3D default and not the Aerosoft Lukla - I will check further. EDIT: I just realized that Little NavMap is reading the Aerosoft Lukla scenery because it does show VNPL, VNL1, VNL2, etc. So again my question is why doesn't VNRT and VNRC show as open airports? I will follow up with Little NavMap and see if they can spread some more light on this.
  5. Both Little NavMap as well as AivlaSoft EFB2 after doing database updates still do not recognize VNRT and VNRC as airport - they appear Closed (X). Also Navigraph does show VNRC but not VNRT. I am wondering why as one is not able to create a flight plan to or from these airports?
  6. Just purchased and installed Lukla Mount Everest Extreme - it truly is awesome (so far). But on the ramp at Lukla there is an item that is floating - very weird - can you help? After installing I did run the FTX AEC to make sure the airports are all grounded properly and so far that is not an issue.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I did do that before but when I ran P3D using SimStarter it changed. However, today when I just tried it again it did not change my settings - so the conclusion is that all is OK. However my second issue is whenever I try to load the SimStarter Diff Manager all I get is a blank white minimized screen that does not maximize to the monitor (it stays minimized). So I am not able to check the Diff Manager. Would you let me know how to fix this issue, as previously I always checked the Diff Manager to ensure all was in sync and I miss not being able to either get an automatic report or be able to manually check.
  8. This is a recent issue since P3D v4.5 HotFix. I have been using SimStarter for quite a while and not experienced this issue - whenever I start by using SimStarter, and it loads all my other addons, and when P3D loads and from the Scenario screen I choose Options and then look at Display my settings have changed. It seems that SimStarter keeps changing the Prepar3D.cfg file. I then have to copy over from my extra saved cfg file back to the active cfg file to get my settings back. Whenever I load P3D without SimStarter my settings are never changed. See attached screenshots Second issue is whenever I try to load the SimStarter Diff Manager all I get is a blank white screen that does not maximize to the screen (it stays minimized). So I am not able to check the Diff Manager.
  9. Thank you Peter, I now understand. Happy New Year...
  10. I like to start all my flights with Use System Time. But I notice that SIMstarter does not keep that box checked in the SIMstarter Control Center even though it is Saved that way and also checked as 'ON' in the SIMstarter Configuration Manager. Is it possible to keep the Control Center check mark if you Save it that way?
  11. I have ver. 2.30 which I use with my P3D v4.3, but it has never been acceptable as far as the scenery goes as there are many black textures throughout the area. I know I am not the only one that has experienced these issues, so I would like to know if there is going to be an update to version 2.30 to improve this delightful scenery of Mt. Everest?
  12. Got this message when loading SimStarter - not sure what file or files I am to delete or exactly what to do - I don't want to mess anything up. Please advise, Regards, Dane Watson
  13. It seems that my problem is resolved. HiFi Tech (Active Sky) helped me. It appears that my FSUIPC5 was not updated to the latest, so I did that and SO FAR all seems to be good. I sure wish other add-on companies would do what you do and that is to notify their user when updates are available. Thank you so much for your excellent service and for an awesome product. Dane
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