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  1. How do you hide the yoke in the virtual cockpit?
  2. I’m sure this is in the manual somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. What is the blue N1 number located above the actual N1 number on the EICAS? Since the FADEC state (CRZ) is also in blue I am guessing it is a recommended setting yet I find I cruise at an N1 of about 81 at FL300 compared to the 85-86 range of the “recommendation”. Thanks.
  3. Since the update to 1.2. The trend line on my speed tape on my HUD is just one long line from my current speed down to 0. The trend line on the PFD (magenta line) still seems to be working fine. Thoughts?
  4. Any update on Flight1.com-they still have 1.0.5 on the download page?
  5. I have an issue where when I have flight plan loaded with a STAR and an approach if I try to change one or both I am only able to change the STAR but no options for approaches appear. Am I missing a step?
  6. I’m assuming there have versions between 1.05 and 1.2. Did Flight1 not put those on their site and if so, why are they putting this one up?
  7. Bought my CRJ700/900 from FLight1.com back in Jan. Just want to confirm that to do an update I just download the install file they have on that site and essentially "reinstall" or is there another method? Dumb question I am sure but thanks for any help. (Love the plane by the way but my co-pilot needs some Vitamin C or echinacea or something)
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