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    This is where I got mine: Click on the Brit flag at the top for English then scroll. Be warned: The downloading is slower than steam off of cold biscuits, or at least it was for me (took days to get both dlcs there, while downloads from other software websites I've been purchasing from is always much, much faster). One month later I'm still waiting for the Bombardier Dash 8Q-400 twin-turboprop that is still being listed as coming with the boxed DVD set. It appeared as "Coming Soon" at the website linked above but it was taken down a month ago and has never reappeared. Whenever we bring this up at the IPACS forum we are repeatedly asked for patience. Am not appreciating the lackluster response time it takes for basic information to be disseminated, nor the continuing false advertising that still lists the Bombardier Dash 8Q-400 twin-turboprop as coming with the DVD boxed set as it also still lists New York City as coming with it. Neither come with the AFS2 DVD set ... and a month after repeatedly reporting this to both IPACS as well as Aerosoft the problem remains. As a consequence of these things and more, my AFS2 languishes and my interest in this promising flight simulator continues to fade.