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  1. Hi Stephen, thanks again. I have just reinstalled it but still the same issue. I have successfully installed it using the add new aircraft option but where do I find the weights etc to set accordingly? Is it included within the particular aircraft cfg?
  2. Hi thanks very much for your reply. I did read that fix from an earlier query and tried it but to no avail. Just so that I understand and am doing it correctly, I copied the PMDG Boeing 737-600NGX txt doc in the Aircraft Templates folder, onto a new notepad txt doc and saved it as the same then resaved it to the Aircraft Templates folder, overwriting the original? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi, I have just installed PFPX and have attempted to add an aircraft to the database. I first looked at the 'Add new aircraft from Template' but a lot of the aircraft I have are not included. However, I tried to add the PMPG Boeing 737-600 NGX (which I have) but keep getting the error message "Encountered an improper Argument" The same thing happens with the PMDG B373-700 NGX and the PMDG 737-800 NGX. However, the PMDG Boeing 737-800W NGX & PMDG Boeing 737-900W NGX load fine. What is the problem that I am getting, or to be more precise, how can I overcome it? Another query I have is that if I wish to add an Airbus 319, 320 or 321 manually, when clicking on the drop down list these aircraft are listed as possible choices, but how do I know if I am selecting the default aircraft, the FS Labs versions or the latest Aerosoft versions, all of which I own? Many thanks for any help.
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