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  1. Can the ext range tanks be dropped from this F-16 model to reduce drag? Cheers, DB
  2. Here are some two attachments that show what I have. Should the HUD be on automatically? I have hit every switch and only the huds background lite comes on (pale green) Odd..says I cant attach a ws word file which has my print screens on it... D
  3. Have now downloaded the manual from the website but no mention in it about how to load the file. In the simobjects folder I have an airplanes folder and within that 3 folders for 3 different f-16's with panel 3 different viper zip files for panels. How and where do I install these? I would have thought that the program installer would have installed the panel info as well.
  4. Of course I havent found the manual and I have even looked again. It was not included in the disk I received, although I have a license agreement and a patch info sheet. V1.20 is also installed. Can you attach the manual? Maybe even a link to the other times this question was asked. D
  5. I am sure this topic has been addressed but I received a cd with the F-16 model. I loaded it into FSX using the installer and although it looks amazing, none of the cockpit displays will show. (The HUD and other digital displays) Also can not get the flaps and several other functions to work either. Manyof the switches only work in one direction. If I need to load the displays seperately, how do I do that? No instructions were located. Need help. Thanks, D
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