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  1. I want to fly an Aerosoft plane in Aerofly! Get that Junker airborne......please please please
  2. That is so cool. Now this is a labor of love! I will certainly have a deeper appreciation for the work involved when it gets released, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the response Sascha, I look forward to buying this scenery either way. Hopefully the Steam option is around the corner. Just my musings, but there appears to be a sizeable AFS2 market of folks who are not what you would call sim enthusiasts but have been drawn to Aerofly for the VR capability, especially younger simmers. I encourage Aerosoft to work with IPACS to engage this group Where they reside; @Steam.
  4. Think my original question got lost in the shuffle. Does Aerosoft intend to release Helgoland as a DLC on Steam for AFS2 or will purchase be limited to Aerosoft store? Myself and others are indicating preference for a Steam option.
  5. I really was looking forward to this release for AFS2! Thanks to all involved in bringing it to the platform. Will Helgoland be coming to Steam as DLC anytime soon (as is the case with Aerosoft titles for X-Plane 11)? I expect to purchase Helgoland and other future Aerosoft releases for Aerofly yet prefer to utilize Steam's interface to better keep track of my growing list of add-ons. If Helgoland will be released on Steam, should we anticipate Aerosoft would supply fixes/patches/updates directly through Steam?
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