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  1. That's great news! Thank's to make aircraf for AFS2, great flight sim but need more addon like this.
  2. Thank's for these great shots, is it possible to know the size area of the scenery?
  3. I just try to copy and paste the folder that aerosoft install on c: to my E:/documents/AFS2/addons and it works. Don't think to try this earlier...
  4. I change the location of "my documents" as your second example. i change it to E: because AFS2 photoreal scenery need a lot of space (too much for my c: )
  5. Than'ks for your answer. Yes Aerosoft install seems create one . I have move c: documents/Aerodly FS2 to my E: previously because need more space for scenery. Maybee this is the reason it don't work? Is it possible to change the install path of helgoland?
  6. Hello, just buy Helgoland for AFS2 on your store but don't understand how to install it with the Steam AFS2 version (automatic installation seems don't work). Thank's for your help.
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