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  1. katzy


    a simple link to the similar post would have been fine
  2. katzy


    what is going on here?
  3. The autopilot doesnt change from THR CLM to SPEED???
  4. I think everything is ok now, i think fsx just needed a couple of restarts
  5. Just when i thought i could fly i seem to be getting quite a few fatal errors in the fsx menu
  6. Dont you worry im going to let him know im angry with a few words that wont be said here haha. Just curious does anyone else think the sensitivity of the nose wheel is way to fast as well as the ability to actually turn it while not moving
  7. PRAISE THE LORD I RECIEVED MY DLL MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend while i was in europe had my computer and apologise for this but he dl the beta version and deleted the majority of it before i got except the dll part. so i removed it from the dll and reinstalled and now where good to go! Sorry again on behalf of my friend who will remane nameless THANKS EVERYONE THE AEROSOFT TEAM AND COMMUNITY ARE SO HELPFUL!!!!
  8. hold on im going to try something now that i found out my friend who had my computer for the past few months did something to it that i will explain in a moment when i see if this works
  9. i get the panel messages
  10. ok i have found a problem i did what you said and checked each dll i accepted and the gps module never came up!
  11. ive done that already ill try again. Should i delete the fsx.cfg file aswell and should i recieve a an accept/do not accept message when i first run fsx for the module?
  12. the reason it wasnt registering in my fsx.cfg i think is because i deleted my old one and restarted fsx so i could accept all the dll files
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