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  1. Hi Dave, I know this is kind of all but just followed your suggestions and they worked LIKE A CHARM. Thank you so much. Just one quick doubt: after following your process, going over to Control Panel->Programs&Features I have the following: Prepar3d v4 Academic (4.4) Prepar3d v4 Academic Client (4.5) Prepar3d v4 Content (4.5) Prepar3d v4 Scenery (4.5) Is this normal? Should I repair Prepar3d v4 Academic or just leave it as is. Thank you so much. Best!
  2. Hi everyone, I was not able to get a complete/ satisfactory answer on this one searching Google nor Aerosoft forums. Just curious: How do you program your Perf TO Page in the FMC when V1=VR=V2? There are some cases in long runways with high Flex Temps where your get same characteristic velocities. Just curious if you enter the same value in all three speeds or you do something else (VR = V1+1Knt and V2= VR+1 Knt). Thank you. Best!
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