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  1. ive downloaded the add on a few times and they still dont come up so i can use them can sum1 explain how to download them for use, maybe im doing it wrong thanks
  2. after i complete the route and im at the last stop it says i have 1 passenger and 1 wants to get off....there is no1 on the bus....can any1 help?
  3. i love the game but i was wondering if you can drive like another type of bus like a newer one or something
  4. when im playing it likes to go slow and there any way i can fix this
  5. i cant save my campaign can anyone help?
  6. i entered a profile name and everything in the begining. Got up to chapeter 2 and stoped. went to play later and everything i did was gone even the controls that i set up were gone. Can anyone help me
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