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  1. Yes, the dummy aircraft feature is super useful since I don't have to modify the aircraft file before importing if it's not being detected. 99% of the time my imports have been painless anyways and it's easy to set the aircraft type even if it's not being detected
  2. The package in question is this: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxai&DLID=202061 Was just wondering why it was left out of the bizjet package but I understand it's certainly a niche. I've imported them myself to Flightplan Visualizer and noticed a couple of things: Sometimes Hawker 700 and 1000 types were not being detected automatically so I had to manually set the aircraft type. Also, one of the plans used a Cessna T303 which was not found in the aircraft database. One neat little feature would be to also show the airline's callsign in the leg info screen (maybe below carrier & operator?).
  3. Oh okay, still a nice feature regardless! What about Eric Steinmetz's Summer 2017 business jet plans from Avsim? I noticed it has a lot of operators that are not included with Flightplan Visualizer's business jet package.
  4. Fantastic features coming up I see! I'm excited about 1.16 I've imported quite many older AIG flightplans to pick some older flights to fly so it's great to see a built-in feature to be implemented.
  5. I guess I'm a power user then! I like the collecting & organizing aspect of this too but I've decided not to try to import all of my bgl files as that would take so long. I found that importing old AIG zip files is so much faster anyways. I like the idea for search filtering or the ability to search for flightplans in a particular folder, that would be very useful I haven't had the time to do proper research on data for these aircraft, but here are some missing ones that could be added in the future: Lockheed L-188 Electra Sud Aviation Caravelle Concorde Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-6 Ilyushin IL-18 Ilyushin IL-62 Ilyushin IL-86 Tupolev Tu-134
  6. I checked that video and I've managed to organize the plans, and somehow I had missed to ability to add folders in the manual! However, I feel like it could be even more streamlined so again here's another improvement idea: Let's say I have two folders, #1 is called Summer 2008 and #2 is BizzJet, and both are filled with flightplans. I want Flightplan Visualizer to have them both loaded (so nothing is disabled) but I want to switch the between flightplan folders quickly without disabling anything. So I thought, what about adding a drop down menu where you can select which folder you can view plans from? I visualized this in Paint: Again, just throwing out suggestions here, it's fine if you don't want to implement them. And here is data I gathered for Lockheed L-1011-100/200/500 TriStar. I used multiple sources and they all gave a bit different numbers, but I tried my best. L-1011-100 <AircraftInfo ICAO="L101" IATA="L10" Name="Lockheed L-1011-100 TriStar"> <Wingspan>43.35</Wingspan> <Length>54.17</Length> <Height>16.87</Height> <Range>2680</Range> <MinGateRadius>28</MinGateRadius> <EmptyWeight>241700</EmptyWeight> <MaxTakeoffWeight>430000</MaxTakeoffWeight> <MaxLandingWeight>367995</MaxLandingWeight> <MaxPayloadWeight>91710</MaxPayloadWeight> <MaxFuelWeight>159560</MaxFuelWeight> <MaxZeroFuelWeight>338000</MaxZeroFuelWeight> <Crew>3</Crew> <MaxPassengers>256</MaxPassengers> <Performance> <MaxAlt>42000</MaxAlt> <CruiseAlt>35000</CruiseAlt> <CruiseSpeed Speed="520" Unit="TAS" /> <MaxSpeedBelow10K Speed="250" Unit="IAS" /> <MinRwyTakeoff>11000</MinRwyTakeoff> <MinRwyLanding>5900</MinRwyLanding> <FuelBurnCruise>17500</FuelBurnCruise> </Performance> </AircraftInfo> L-1011-200 <AircraftInfo ICAO="L101" IATA="L10" Name="Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar"> <Wingspan>43.35</Wingspan> <Length>54.17</Length> <Height>16.87</Height> <Range>3600</Range> <MinGateRadius>28</MinGateRadius> <EmptyWeight>248400</EmptyWeight> <MaxTakeoffWeight>466000</MaxTakeoffWeight> <MaxLandingWeight>368000</MaxLandingWeight> <MaxPayloadWeight>87900</MaxPayloadWeight> <MaxFuelWeight>177560</MaxFuelWeight> <MaxZeroFuelWeight>338000</MaxZeroFuelWeight> <Crew>3</Crew> <MaxPassengers>256</MaxPassengers> <Performance> <MaxAlt>42000</MaxAlt> <CruiseAlt>35000</CruiseAlt> <CruiseSpeed Speed="515" Unit="TAS" /> <MaxSpeedBelow10K Speed="250" Unit="IAS" /> <MinRwyTakeoff>9800</MinRwyTakeoff> <MinRwyLanding>6560</MinRwyLanding> <FuelBurnCruise>17500</FuelBurnCruise> </Performance> </AircraftInfo> L-1011-500 <AircraftInfo ICAO="L101" IATA="L10" Name="Lockheed L-1011-500 TriStar"> <Wingspan>50.09</Wingspan> <Length>50.05</Length> <Height>16.87</Height> <Range>5345</Range> <MinGateRadius>28</MinGateRadius> <EmptyWeight>245400</EmptyWeight> <MaxTakeoffWeight>510000</MaxTakeoffWeight> <MaxLandingWeight>368000</MaxLandingWeight> <MaxPayloadWeight>92600</MaxPayloadWeight> <MaxFuelWeight>212000</MaxFuelWeight> <MaxZeroFuelWeight>338000</MaxZeroFuelWeight> <Crew>3</Crew> <MaxPassengers>246</MaxPassengers> <Performance> <MaxAlt>42000</MaxAlt> <CruiseAlt>35000</CruiseAlt> <CruiseSpeed Speed="525" Unit="TAS" /> <MaxSpeedBelow10K Speed="250" Unit="IAS" /> <MinRwyTakeoff>8530</MinRwyTakeoff> <MinRwyLanding>6900</MinRwyLanding> <FuelBurnCruise>17500</FuelBurnCruise> </Performance> </AircraftInfo>
  7. Thank you for implementing this little feature! It will definitely make favoriting airports faster I might also try to research on some aircraft so they can be added to future versions. The hint-text option is actually very useful, however it lacks the visualizing aspect since it only shows a list of airports. That's already helpful, but could it be also possible to make airports show on the map based on the hint-text? This would be essentially the same as my suggestion for "favorite airport groups" but it would just extend the already existing hint-text feature. I don't know if you want to implement this if it's too unnecessary, but I personally find myself using the map a lot and I like to see where all the routes go on the map, so I would definitely use that feature. Another idea I've thought of is the ability for the user to create flightplan groups. I'd imagine this would be an useful feature since it would make organizing flightplans easier and clearer instead of having just one big list with all the flightplans (but still with an option to display all of them of course). For example, you could create a group called "Summer 2008" with all of your imported Summer 2008 flightplans and then search legs from just that group of FP's. It would be more efficient and user friendly than having to select all Su08 flightplans from a single list.
  8. Also to add to this: Could it be possible to add favorite groups, and be able to name them? I am especially interested in favoriting airports based on developer, so it would be awesome to create a group for Aerosoft, FlyTampa etc for airports that I already own/planning to buy and then select which ones I want to display on the map.
  9. Hello and thanks for the informative answer, I understand why you have to do it one by one now. I found that the bgl import feature is not really that necessary anyways since it's not a lot of work to decompile it in AIFP yourself. I have spent quite many hours already importing interesting flightplans, both old and new from AIG and other developers and gotten to know the program quite well, and I have to say, it's such a fantastic tool for visualizing flights! Certain AIG flightplans from ~2011-2013 use very short names for aircraft like "AIA B744BCF", but I just ended up modifying the name in the airports text file to a more understandable form for the program. That caused some extra work but it ended up working fine. Good to hear that you have fixed this! found the biggest issue for me is the lack of certain aircraft data and ability to add custom user aircraft. Would this be a possibility in the future? How much/what kind of data does the program need for a single plane? Would be nice if we could add our own aircraft in case it is not included in the program, just like user airlines. A workaround for I found for National (and other DC-8 operators) was to change any DC-8's into Boeing 707's so the program can read it. But it's nice that the DC-8 is going to be included in the next release! Just wondering, will it include all DC-8 variants? I'm planning on importing more retro plans and some of them use those older DC-8's (series 10, 20, 30 etc) Also a couple of suggestions: When you want to favorite airports, could a right click option be added? So you can just right click the airport marker, select favorite and it would be then added to favorites, instead of double clicking it and selecting favorite and then closing the window. A custom color option would be nice too so you could color your favorite airports based on developer, size etc. I was surprised how extensive the airline database is since most of the time I can find the correct operator even if it's been defunct for a long time. But I could not find Arrow Air (ICAO: APW, IATA: JW, Callsign: BIG A) in the list so I had to add it myself. I've mostly added some military operators since there are none by default. Are you planning on adding any military operators in the future?
  10. Another question: can more aircraft types be added? I'm trying to import some flightplans that has a DC-8 in them, but Flightplan Visualizer doesn't recognize it. For example, I'm trying to import National Airlines Winter 2011/2012 schedule by AIG, but it won't work at all.
  11. Hey there, I would like to know if it's possible to add .bgl file support to Flightplan Visualizer in the near future? I have a huge amount (1600+) of old and custom traffic .bgl files that I would love to use but the program only supports .zip files. Alternatively, is there a way to convert a large amount of bgl files into a zip file that would work with Flightplan Visualizer? I know AIFP can convert a traffic bgl into a txt or zip file, but it's cumbersome as you can do it only one file a time.
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