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  1. Hi, can anybody help to find me the correct drivers or any other system to correctly use of my Saitek x56? Since I've installed FSUIPC and original software my joystick doesnt work correctly, FSUIPC cannot see the axis x and y, everything is fine with throttle and all other buttons on throttle and joystick. I have uninstalled original drivers and software according to some informations from Pete forum, hes on holiday and Im stuck, maybe some person had same problem. Please help me
  2. Hello there, I have changed a couple months ago my sim to P3D V4 (from FSX) where I had Airbus bundle bought on the simmarket, sinbce Im not using this addon (I bought Airbus professional one to my P3D V4 I have decided to give this addon to my best friend. Can I transfer all rights and ownership to him (to his email adress)? How can I do this?
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