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  1. Hello Tom, back from a long vacation time I didn' check I still was on 4.2 version. Now it works fine. Thanks and have a fine week. Fabio
  2. Dear all, A320 pro just bought and installed as adm., no anti virus (tried several times). Results: black instruments (see attached pic.), no throttle and a kind of blizzard on the glass. If I change vehicle in P3d4 and I switch to PMDG or Leonardo Md11 everything works fine. Any suggestion will be appreciated Regards. Fabio
  3. Hello, waiting for a help, I surfed the sim forums to find something useful for my problem. I found a lot of identical or similar issues (Eng=unknown, throttle not reacting to joystick, active state inactive on MCDU2, black ND). Apart from "re-install the Airbus", I didn't find any helpful suggestion. Following these tips I tried: - a clean Airbus installation with administrator rights, without anti-virus, without Steam - I run Airbus configurator - I run again the three Simconnect.msi - I run Netfxrepairtool I launched FSXSE with Airbus and nothing changed: no throttle, act state inactive on MCDU2, black ND. I confirm that FSXSE works very well with other aircrafts. Being some of these numerous problems quite old, I hope that in the meantime Aerosoft has investigated and found a solution for them. Please be so kind to help me. My best regards. Fabio
  4. I wonder what's the meaning of ENG= UNKNOWN at LSKL1 of MCDU1
  5. I installed P3D V4.1 but I don't use Airbus A320 because I am waiting for the compatible release. I red that there should be no conflict between the 2 flight Simulators in the same PC but you never know. Perhaps my explication was not clear but I have only FSXSE with A320 and the problem with MCDUs happened when I loaded A 320 a second time in the same FSXSE session. Regards.
  6. Hello, after a week of satisfactory flights I have to cope with this problem: The throttle doesn't react to my joystick any more in my A320 (with other FSX planes it works well). In addition to that when I load an A320 a second time in a FSXSE session the Navigation Display becomes black and MCDUs become like below. I don't know if it is a related issue but it didn't happen before I calibrated the joystick and I looked at its configuration and everything seems ok. I reinstalled the Airbus and no change. Any suggestion? My best regards. Fabio
  7. Thanks a lot. My best wishes for the incoming new year and regards from Switzerland. Fabio
  8. Thanks a lot Tom. Now it works. It was so simple (when you know how to do it). Another question (the last one). it is necessary to update navdata and in case how to do it. My best regards. Fabio
  9. Dear Otto, thanks for your prompt answer. Previously (until a week ago) I was used to fly with the old Aerosoft Airbus X; it was sufficient to load a flight plan from FSX SE planner and it was inserted directly into Airbus MCDU. Now I have bought and installed Airbus A320-A321 and I thought it was enough without any additional stuff; perhaps I am wrong. I am not an expert, I fly for fun even if am ready to learn additional things. Every thing seems to run well apart from loading flight plans. I am too old (and too lazy) to insert manually way point by way point. Apart from installing Airbus A-320-321, is there any previous thing to install before running it (I did't find anything on the manuals)? Regards. Fabio
  10. Hello, I need help please. A couple of days ago I bought Airbus A320-321 from Aerosoft. I tried to load default company routes like EDDFLOWW01 (I tried with all of them) into scrath pad and nothing happens. I red the pertinent chapters of the step by step guide, a lot of posters and it seems that I follow the right procedure. Flight plans are saved in C:\Users\FABIO\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\FlightPlans I load the airbus ready for T.O. MCDU INIT page I digit EDDF/LOWW and then LSK1R Suddendly a new MCDU page appears (see below MCDU1.jpg) If I push return it comes back to the init page without any flight. I don't really understand what's happening. Thanks for your help. Fabio
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