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  1. Hello. I really l love you work with the liveries, but I'm having a problem with some of them. Both the AirFrance and KLM ones for the A320 X Extended are buggy. Both exteriors on them are a bit too dark, and inside the cockpit everything is completely black! I can't do anything inside it.

    I love so much those liveries, I'd love to have one working D:


    1. Holgi


      This is no bug, both repaints are for the old version! Please copy from a working aircraft, same type the texture.cfg inside your black dark looking aircraft and it will work!

    2. Holgi


      Did we solve your problem?

    3. Teødør


      I don't really understand what you said to do. I have to copy a existing aircraft's file and then paste the KLM files in it, deleting the current files of that existing aircraft?

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